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Customize/Personalize Oracle APEX Workspace Environment

When you have multiple Oracle APEX environments, e.g., development, test, UAT and production, and for multiple groups, one of the confusing things is that sometimes developers are lost on which environment they’re working on. Most of technically proficient developers can make a distinction easily from the URLs they’re currently using. However, most of less technically […]

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Firefox Tweaks to Speed Up Page Load

I found this blog post: A handful of Firefox tweaks that will double your browser speed through one of tweets that came my way yesterday. You may find it useful if you use Firefox browser like I do  and have encountered slowness when loading pages. Is it my imagination or does my Firefox load a […]

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Ubiquity for Oracle

Ubiquity is the FireFox extension allowing you to perform tasks including wiki, map, dictionary, etc., while still staying on the same web page (instead of having to jump around pages). Even though it is still in version 0.1.x, there is a quite number of commands (at Ubiquity Herd and Ubiquity In The Wild) being developed […]

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