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Migration of the 11g R1 OCR and Voting disks to different paths when Cluster Ready Service (CRS) is off-line

During a new setup of our 11g R1 ( on Solaris platform, initially the system is provided with only single path to disks (LUNs) on SAN. Later the sys admins would like to enable the multipathing. 🙁 Obviously, it is expected that the disk paths will be changed. This will not only affect the ASM […]

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Oracle 11g Network Access Denied by Access Control List (ACL) when using UTL_INADDR

I wrote in my previous post about the Access Control Lists to Network Services (e.g., UTL_HTTP, UTL_SMTP, UTL_TCP, etc.) in Oracle 11g. However, it did not cover another PL/SQL network utility package named UTL_INADDR which retrieves host names and IP addresses of local and remote hosts. You can read some usage samples of the UTL_INADDR […]

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