Oracle Database Tools and Utilities

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Licensed Tools

  • Toad, by Quest Software

  • PL/SQL Developer, by Allround Automations

Free Tools

  • Oracle SQL Developer, by Oracle

  • Snapper, by Tanel Poder, is a quick and easy ad-hoc performance troubleshooting tool.

  • Hammerora is the open source Oracle load test tool.

  • Swingbenach is a free load generator (and benchmarks) designed to stress test an Oracle database.

  • ASH Viewer provides a graphical view of active session history data within the Oracle instance (versions supported: 8i/9i/10g/11g).

  • Mumbai is a freeware Windows application targeted at Oracle DBAs and consultants, with a special focus on performance analysis.

  • Oracle ORION, by Oracle, is a standalone tool for calibration the I/O performance for storage systems.

  • Many scripts from including MOATS - tuning and diagnostics utility.

  • ASM Metrics

  • oratop - Utility for Near Real-time Monitoring of Databases, RAC and Single Instance

MOS ID 1500864.1

  • SQLT (SQLTXPLAIN) - Tool that helps to diagnose a SQL statement performing poorly or one that produces wrong results

MOS ID 215187.1

  • RACcheck - RAC Configuration Audit Tool (Doc ID 1268927.1)

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