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Generating HTML reports from SQL Plus

Last week I was asked by one of IT managers on how to generate reports from database. He’d like to remind his direct reports on ticket’s backlog status. His requirement is just simply to run a simple SQL statement and email the result out weekly. I quickly told him that you can just cron or […]

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11g SQL*Plus

In 11g SQL*Plus, when session is terminated, somehow it displays the process ID, SID and Serial#. Not quite sure what is really for? I guess it is for debugging purpose. 10g Client user @db10w1> select * from dual; select * from dual * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01012: not logged on 11g Client user @db10w1> […]

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SQL*Plus Copy

The SQL*Plus COPY command can copy data between two databases via SQL*Net. Syntax: USER1 @srcdb> copy usage: COPY FROM [db] TO [db] [opt] [table] { ([cols]) } USING [sel] [db] : database string, e.g., hr/your_password@d:chicago-mktg [opt] : ONE of the keywords: APPEND, CREATE, INSERT or REPLACE [table]: name of the destination table [cols] : a […]

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Change column width of show parameter in SQL Plus

You can change the width of the NAME, TYPE and VALUE of “show parameter” in SQL/Plus. SQL> show parameter sga NAME TYPE —————————— —————————— VALUE—————————— lock_sga boolean FALSE pre_page_sga boolean FALSE sga_max_size big integer 300M sga_target big integer0 SQL> column NAME_COL_PLUS_SHOW_PARAM format A20 SQL> column TYPE format A20 SQL> column VALUE_COL_PLUS_SHOW_PARAM format A20 SQL> show […]

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