Easy Connect (EZCONNECT) Naming Method with Instance Name

Oftentimes I use the Easy Connect (EZCONNECT) to connect to a new database just to quickly verify database connectivity. The syntax I usually use is as follows: CONNECT username/password@[//]host[:port][/service_name] CONNECT scott/tiger@host1-vip:1522/RACDB In RAC, this will connect to whatever instance based on the service’s load balancing goal. I just learned that with the 11g net services …

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SQL and PL/SQL reserved words

I found this tip from forum discussing about Oracle’s reserved words. You can use it to quickly view reserved words for both SQL and PL/SQL. SQL> help reserved RESERVED WORDS (PL/SQL) ———————– PL/SQL Reserved Words have special meaning in PL/SQL, and may not be used for identifier names (unless enclosed in “quotes”). An asterisk (*) …

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11g SQL*Plus

In 11g SQL*Plus, when session is terminated, somehow it displays the process ID, SID and Serial#. Not quite sure what is really for? I guess it is for debugging purpose. 10g Client user @db10w1> select * from dual; select * from dual * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01012: not logged on 11g Client user @db10w1> …

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show spparameters

I found one of the interesting features in SQL*Plus 11g for Oracle11g database when doing “help show” from the tool. SHOW SPPARAMETERS [parameter_name] Show specific parameters – SYSTEM @db11r1> show spparameters sga SID NAME TYPE VALUE ——– —————————– ———– —————— * lock_sga boolean * pre_page_sga boolean * sga_max_size big integer * sga_target big integer Show …

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