Oracle is co-promoting Ironman

Three episodes of movies Oracle is promoting with Marvel Comics, the maker of Ironman and many well-known comic characters.

An OTN account is needed to access.


Please note the many Oracle applications including APEX and OBIEE have been used. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Oracle is co-promoting Ironman”

  1. This was all predicted long ago by Edward R, when he said,

    I would like to advise the Oracle keynote speakers (all the speakers, actually) to add some humor to their presentations. Don’t be so dry: people are more receptive to information when they’re having fun, smiling, and not falling asleep. I haven’t the audience laugh in at least an hour, and that’s not good. By the end of the keynote, half the room had left. Not a good sign, so make it more interesting, for your sake and ours. Maybe all of the top people from Oracle could get together and write a wacky musical about the software industry?

    He was waxing from OpenWorld last year. Nice job Edward R! Got any lottery picks?

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