Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) did not start when installing OAS on Windows 2003

Last week we installed the OAS on multiple Windows 2003 servers on the VM farm. All went well except the last one. When double-clicking on the setup.exe file, the system verification window popped up. Next I expected the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) window, but nothing happened. The same installation files and procedure have been used on different Windows systems and have worked fine before. The installation log doesn’t seem to be much help either. We’ve tried all tricks including using a local administrative account, rebooting, etc., but none worked.

After looking through the Oracle support site (using Internet Explorer because the some contents don’t display properly on Fire Fox 3.6 🙁 ), I found this solution in the document ID 308705.1: OUI Does Not Start After Running Setup.exe Installing OAS On Windows 2003, which says that the root cause is because the Application Experience Lookup Service is not started.  Once started, the installation proceeds without any issues. The strange thing is that those servers we’ve previously installed it successfully did not have this service up either.

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