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The Developer Toolbar in APEX Application Disappeared

If the Developer Toolbar (shown below) in your Oracle APEX application is not displayed, you can control its display by changing the Status attribute on the application’s Edit Definition page. I’ve learned about this when somehow one of our applications suddenly did not display the Developer Toolbar. We found out later that during environment refresh, […]

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Book Review: Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 by Sue Harper

I must admit that I rarely use the Oracle SQL Developer because I’m using SQL*Plus, Toad from Quest and PL/SQL Developer from Allround Automations as primary tools for database administration and PL/SQL programming. They’re already providing all functionalities I need. I have nothing against Oracle SQL Developer. Actually it is quite opposite. I really want […]

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Good whitepaper “For Developers: Making Friends with the Oracle Database”

I just read a good whitepaper titled “For Developers: Making Friends with the Oracle Database” by Cary Millsap. Cary makes an excellent point that most developers think of database as a black box. However, by progressively understanding Oracle kernel little by little, they can improve performance of their queries dramatically. I appreciate the way Cary […]

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