11g SQL*Plus

In 11g SQL*Plus, when session is terminated, somehow it displays the process ID, SID and Serial#. Not quite sure what is really for? I guess it is for debugging purpose. 10g Client user @db10w1> select * from dual; select * from dual * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01012: not logged on 11g Client user @db10w1> …

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SQL*Plus Copy

The SQL*Plus COPY command can copy data between two databases via SQL*Net. Syntax: USER1 @srcdb> copy usage: COPY FROM [db] TO [db] [opt] [table] { ([cols]) } USING [sel] [db] : database string, e.g., hr/your_password@d:chicago-mktg [opt] : ONE of the keywords: APPEND, CREATE, INSERT or REPLACE [table]: name of the destination table [cols] : a …

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Change column width of show parameter in SQL Plus

You can change the width of the NAME, TYPE and VALUE of “show parameter” in SQL/Plus. SQL> show parameter sga NAME TYPE —————————— —————————— VALUE—————————— lock_sga boolean FALSE pre_page_sga boolean FALSE sga_max_size big integer 300M sga_target big integer0 SQL> column NAME_COL_PLUS_SHOW_PARAM format A20 SQL> column TYPE format A20 SQL> column VALUE_COL_PLUS_SHOW_PARAM format A20 SQL> show …

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