Oracle APEX (Application Express) Built-in LDAP Test Tool Stand-alone Application

Oracle APEX provides multiple ways for authentication. The most commonly used one is the LDAP authentication. Configuring it is very straight-forward in most cases – just providing the LDAP host, port, whether or not to use SSL, and finally the DN string. See here and here for posts about APEX LDAP configuration.

Sometime you want to test the LDAP configuration before deploying it. You can either use the 3rd-party tools to validate the configurations, or create an APEX application to test the logon, or use the built-in LDAP test tool in APEX.

The built-in APEX LDAP test tool can be launched when the authentication is being configured as seen below.

LDAP Test Tool

It will pop-up a new window as shown below.

LDAP Test Tool Pop-up Screen

By accident, I found out that you can even launch the APEX LDAP Test Tool as the stand-alone application using Application ID 4000 and Page Number 3890.

For example,


It will obviously prompt you to log on to the workspace first, then the LDAP test tool will just show just like an application, not the pop-up window.

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