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Upgrade APEX to 4.0.1 encounters “ORA-20011: Approximate NDV failed: ORA-08103: object no longer exists”

Few weeks back, we’ve upgraded multiple APEX installations (development, test and production) to new version 4.0.1 from the default version in Oracle 11g R1. The upgrade (just running the apexins.sql) went well for all except one. We got a strange error during the last stage of installation. Performing Application Express component validation – please […]

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Book Review: Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 by Sue Harper

I must admit that I rarely use the Oracle SQL Developer because I’m using SQL*Plus, Toad from Quest and PL/SQL Developer from Allround Automations as primary tools for database administration and PL/SQL programming. They’re already providing all functionalities I need. I have nothing against Oracle SQL Developer. Actually it is quite opposite. I really want […]

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Oracle Application Express (APEX) Certification Exam

Oracle is working toward having the first certification exam for Oracle APEX. This “Oracle Application Express Developer Certified Expert” pilot program is intended for intermediate and advanced APEX developers. You will have to indicate the relevant APEX trainings you’ve completed, years of APEX experiences and, of course, the agreement to provide feedback in order to […]

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APEX Listener Released as an Early Adopters

Oracle APEX Listener has been released as an early adopters. It is an alternative to Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) and Oracle Embedded PL/SQL Gateway (EPG) as web server to APEX database engine. You may find more information about this at the Oracle’s APEX Listener Download site, or Dimitri’s or John’s blogs. I just configured the […]

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Identify Column ID of APEX Tabular Form

This post from Patrick is very useful when trying to identify the column ID of the tabular form. But when column order has been moved up/down or some are marked not shown, the column ID might be difficult to determine. This simple technique of using Javascript event on the Element Attributes of the needed columns […]

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Pop-up when hovering over tabular column

I just answered APEX forum on the pop-up when hovering over tabular column. It is a quick solution. 1. Create Javascript functions as follows. The description of each function is self-explanatory in its name. Note that above includes a DIV tag named DisplayPopup which will be used to store the pop-up text. You can personalize […]

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