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The Developer Toolbar in APEX Application Disappeared

If the Developer Toolbar (shown below) in your Oracle APEX application is not displayed, you can control its display by changing the Status attribute on the application’s Edit Definition page. I’ve learned about this when somehow one of our applications suddenly did not display the Developer Toolbar. We found out later that during environment refresh, […]

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Upgrade APEX to 4.0.1 encounters “ORA-20011: Approximate NDV failed: ORA-08103: object no longer exists”

Few weeks back, we’ve upgraded multiple APEX installations (development, test and production) to new version 4.0.1 from the default version in Oracle 11g R1. The upgrade (just running the apexins.sql) went well for all except one. We got a strange error during the last stage of installation. Performing Application Express component validation – please […]

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Oracle Application Express (APEX) Certification Exam

Oracle is working toward having the first certification exam for Oracle APEX. This “Oracle Application Express Developer Certified Expert” pilot program is intended for intermediate and advanced APEX developers. You will have to indicate the relevant APEX trainings you’ve completed, years of APEX experiences and, of course, the agreement to provide feedback in order to […]

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APEX – Requests to execute DML operations through "Automatic Row Processing (DML)" process

As a part of the button’s properties, an execution of “Automatic Row Processing (DML)” process either INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE (assuming those operations are allowed) can be controlled by selecting an appropriate Database Action as shown below. Many times, instead through a use of button, page submission is done by calling JavaScript “onSubmit” function. How […]

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