Embed images in the email when sending it from the Oracle APEX Application

When using Oracle APEX hosted externally, such as on Oracle Cloud, if your application includes sending an email notification with embedded images from linked images, the image may look broken, as seen below.

Based on the warning message, the embedded image’s host, which the email is referring to, is not on the safe list. Obviously, one of the options to fix this is to work with the security and mail teams to add it to the safe list. However, this may require time to complete. Other ways include using HTML inline embedding or CID-embedded images. (See pros & cons of all mentioned approaches.) In this post, we will discuss how to do the latter using CID-embedded images (inline images.)

There are two places that need to be modified in Oracle APEX.

First, in the Header of the Email Template (Shared Components > Email Templates > Details), we need to add cid: to the src tag.

Another place is to ensure that the attachment is added with the same image file name.

That’s it. Here is the result. Since the image is attached to the email, displaying it will be no issue.

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