OOW09 Day 1

My first day at OOW 2009 was filled with excitement intellectually and physically. Let’s talk about the physical part first. As I’m staying at Marriott hotel in Oakland, I have to take BART from Oakland to Powell station. Unfortunately, I did not realize that only on Sunday the train station near my hotel won’t be open until 8am.  So by the time of a train ride and VERY fast walking (BTW, I’m just recovering from cold) to the Moscone center, I’ve arrived about 20 minutes late for the first session. 🙁

Anyway after that the rest of the day is fun.

My first session is the Demystifying Oracle RAC workload management by Alex Gorbachev. I really enjoyed his presentation especially demos on the connection load balancing (CLB). I’ve learned techniques how to control the CLB’s behaviors in both pre-10gR1 and post-10gR2. His presentation is a must-see if you did not attend his session. At least, you will know what “goodness”  (or badness) in the context of CLB means.

Arup Nanda showed us in his Oracle RAC Performance Tuning the real case studies of RAC performance issues, and how he systematically tackled them. Besides good planning, he recommended that don’t jump into a conclusion by just looking at the AWR wait names without actual diagnostic (a specific sample in the session is that don’t get fooled by “gc” waits considering them as the interconnect issues).

At the end of the day, not only  I stopped by at the demo of the full-rack of Exadata version 2 in the Moscone North to see this product in action, but I also had a chance to say hello to Dan as he is now a part of the X-Team.

Here are some pictures from the events:

Oracle Open World 2009 at Moscone Center
Oracle Open World 2009 at the Moscone Center
Oracle Banners outside Moscone Center
Oracle Banners outside the Moscone Center
Registration Counter
Registration Counters
Moscone Center from Yerba Buena Garden Building
View of the Moscone Center from Yerba Buena Gardens
Attendees Walking to the Keynote
Attendees are walking to the keynote
Attendees are heading to keynotes conference room
Attendees are heading to keynote's conference room
Goodies at the Welcome Reception
Goodies at the Welcome Reception

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